The Consensus Process

If you are wondering how the various agencies and NGOs are able to push through their “utopian” ideas past the public, then you need to become educated about the “consensus” process, also known as The Delphi Technique.

Henry Lamb, a pioneer in exposing Agenda 21 and similar programs that would remove our sovereignty and freedoms, wrote an excellent article about the Consensus Process.  Read it here: “The Consensus Process” by Henry Lamb.

Read also “The Delphi Technique – What Is It?”, which includes some tips about how citizens can short-circuit it in order for their voices to be heard.

The following video gives a good example of the Consensus Process (Delphi Technique)  in action.  It may look very familiar to some of the meetings you’ve attended:

How much does the US pay for the UN each year?
They pay 22% of 4.19 billion dollars. You do the math.

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