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So-called “Smart Meters” are being installed by power companies across the country and around the world, without prior permission from the owners of the properties where the meters are being replaced. Read the Smart Meter Report by American Policy here: Smart Meter Report


Click here for an excellent summary of Smart Meter problems:  EMFacts


With individuals getting together to protest the mandatory installation of the new meters, along with the health concerns involved with them, and numerous purported other problems, some energy companies are beginning to offer an “opt-out” provision.


Click here to see a listing of some of the stories involving opting out from the Smart Meter program:


Links to stories about Smart Meters below:

June 2012 – NV Energize – Creating an energy-smart future:  Myths vs fact about smart meters, – a consumer’s response  by Mike Hazard, as posted in the Citizen Review Online

Sept 2011 – Smart Meters are now in Nevada by Mike Hazard, as posted in the Citizen Review Online

Oct 2011 – NV Energy’s smart meters to be investigated – from the Las Vegas Sun. – Las Vegas, NV – After hearing several complaints about possible health hazards and invasion of privacy, the state Public Utilities Commission has opened an investigation into smart meters installed in more than 500,000 homes in Las Vegas. MORE >>>


Smart Meters Informational Website


‘Smart’ Meters Violate FCC Radiation Exposure Limits Says New Study


Smart Meter Opt Out Program


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Protective Fabrics:

The following is a list of local governments within California who are opposed to the mandatory wireless  ‘smart’ meter program.  Names of cities and counties are linked to news coverage or official council minutes that substantiate each city or county’s inclusion.


Those local governments in red have passed ordinances that have made ‘smart’ meter installations illegal within their jurisdictions:

Counties (11)

Humboldt County (pdf)

Lake County

Marin County

Mendocino County

City and County of San Francisco

San Luis Obispo County

Santa Barbara County

Santa Cruz County

Sonoma County — AB 37 Support Letter (pdf)

Tehama County

Ventura County

Cities and Towns (45)



Berkeley (pdf)

Blue Lake




Camp Meeker (pdf)




Cotati (pdf)

Fairfax (pdf)


Fort Bragg


Grover Beach



Mill Valley

Monterey (pdf)

Monte Sereno (pdf)

Morro Bay (pdf)

Mount Shasta



Pacific Grove

Palo Alto

Piedmont (pdf)

Richmond (pdf)

Rio Dell


San Anselmo

San Rafael (pdf)

San Luis Obispo (pdf)

Santa Cruz


Scotts Valley


Sebastopol (pdf)


Simi Valley

Thousand Oaks

Watsonville (pdf)


Other Jurisdictions (1)

Big Valley Rancheria/Tribal Community of Pomo Indians

Total Number Local Governments Opposed: 57

Total CA population represented:  3,831,272

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