History: Sons of Liberty

On this July 4th holiday I hope that you will take a moment to truly consider the sacrifices made by so many generations of Americans that have made us free. I would like to share with you an idea from our nation’s birth that may have been forgotten by many. No doubt you have heard of a group that paved the way to the American Revolution known as the Sons of Liberty?

What you may not know is that this group of patriots started small as a group of agitators known as the Loyal Nine. The name came from the fact that this group consisted of only nine men, committed to agitation of the Stamp Act. The Loyal Nine began in the summer of 1765, eleven years before the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Within one year, their number would grow to over two thousand men known as the Sons of Liberty. Possibly, they are best remembered for their role in the Boston Tea Party and in the tarring and feathering of Stamp Tax collectors.

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