Dungeness Watershed Action Plan – field trip

Dungeness Watershed Action Plan Conference Call Notes, July 18, 2011

Participants: John Woolley, Judith Morris, Mike Anderson, Susan Piper, Ross Krumpe, Jeff Chapman, Kathleen Dowd-Gailey, Francisco de la Cruz, Scott Harris

July 29 Field Trip
– About 26 people are expected for the July 29 field trip, including seven Forest Service staff. District Ranger Dean Yoshina will attend, and Forest Service law enforcement/safety office Dave Jacobs will join the group for the visit to Slab Camp.
– The field trip will begin at 9:00 at the Fish Hatchery, starting with introductions. The Forest Service will provide transportation, but people who need to leave early can bring private vehicles.
– Six sites have been selected for the tour. Some will involve short walk-ins (up to one- quarter mile), but non-walkers can wait at the vehicles.
– Jeff Chapman will call the Peninsula Daily News reporter Jeff Chu to tell him about the field trip and encourage him to attend.

Action Plan Update
– The Forest Service action plan team will meet tomorrow with Dean Yoshina to review the initial list of restoration projects (road culvert replacements, areas to thin, etc.) that the team has identified so far.
– Susan will try to send the preliminary project list to the collaborative working group list next week, before the field trip. Public proposals will continue to be accepted through the end of August.

Next Steps
– On August 10, the Dungeness River Management Team will have a field trip to learn about and discuss the Forest Service’s watershed action plan. The tour will mostly focus on aquatic/fish-related issues on national forest lands relatively low in the watershed, including the Tubal Cain area. Non-DRMT participants who wish to join the trip should send RSVP’s to Susan.
– Other possible activities under discussion include a presentation of the draft plan at the DRMT’s regular meeting in September; an in-person meeting of the working group to discuss and prioritize potential projects; and a public meeting on the draft plan in the fall. Jeff and Judith thought that an in-person meeting would be more useful if project information could be made available well in advance.

Next conference call of the collaborative working group will be Monday, August 15, at 10:00 AM.

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