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Posted 3/13/2015

An open house to be held on March 19, 2015, will be given by the agencies who plan on moving back the levees (dikes) along the Dungeness River.  (See proposed map below)

See the Notice here: levee… Continue reading

What is “debt-for-nature” swapping?

Research provided by Pearl Rains-Hewitt

Posted 8/30/2014


Market-based conservation strategies

By Eric Thomas Marshall


  • DEBT-EQUITY swaps involve the conversion of external debt (national debt which is owed to foreign investors) into some type of equity.  Foreigners continue to hold a claim on the debtor nation’s resources.

 Environmental special-interest groups as well as those involved in government and private sector banking have shown increasing acceptance since Debt for Nature swapping first began more than a decade ago.

Despite the hopefulness of this plan, several obstacles still block immediate progress.  The greatest of these blocks in the U.S. refusal to ratify.  Continue reading

The Triune That Would Steal Our Liberty

Remarks given by Sue Forde
to the Republican Women of Clallam County


March 11, 2013
Sequim, WA


The move to replace our Constitution with the principles behind the Wildlands Project, UN Agenda 21 and The Earth charter is an “American” issue, not a political one.  This agenda affects each and every one of us, stealing our liberty and our rights under the US and WA State Constitutions.  Article I, Section I of the State Constitution says:


 “All political power is inherent in the people, and governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, and are established to protect and maintain individual rights.” 


I ask: Which of our “individual rights” is any of this protecting?


The Wildlands Project, UN Agenda 21, and The Earth Charter: These three concepts blend together for a common purpose.  That purpose: To control our lives in every area.


These concepts have been made “real” across the nation, reaching into every nook and cranny of our lives, perpetrated by federal and state agencies – unelected, unaccountable and bureaucratic.  (This action officially began with an Executive Order signed by former President Bill Clinton establishing the President’s Council on Sustainable Development (PCSD)).


Keywords that clue us into these concepts include:  Climate change, buffer zones, open space, growth management, comprehensive planning, ecosystems, biodiversity, green living, conservation easements, precautionary principle, public/private partnerships, global warming, sustainable communities, visioning meetings, walkable communities, livable communities, watersheds, land trust, water trust and many more. Continue reading

Battle for the California Desert – Why is Govt Driving Folks Off Their Land?

From Freedom Foundation


Can you imagine an armed government showing up at your home telling you to get off your property? Believe it or not, that is exactly what is happening to some rugged individualists in the rural desert… Continue reading

The UN Wildlands Project…Taking Over America Starting With Florida

By James Lampe
for Florida Political Press

August 24, 2011

Almost all Americans know about the United Nations, but few know about Agenda 21, or the US government’s implementation of UN policies.

The UN issued several policies at the 1992 Earth Summit, one of which was the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). Compliance with this UN policy is being driven and managed by the Wildlands Network which shares the same goals as the CBD; to set aside half the land in America for animals. Continue reading

Wildlands Project update (1997)

Wildlands Project Update
September 1997 –

from Freedom.org

When The Wildlands Project first appeared in the 1992 Special Issue of Wild Earth, it made barely a ripple in the environmental community or the property rights community. Environmentalists thought the plan too radical, property rights advocates thought the plan laughable. By and large, the plan never gained public recognition. Those who discounted the plan were not aware that the underlying philosophy, and the basic principles of land management contained in The Wildlands Project were identical to the philosophy and land management ideas emerging through the United Nations. Some may think that it is an incredible coincidence that both The Wildlands Project and the Convention on Biological Diversity appeared the same year — which, incidentally, is the same year Al Gore chose to publish Earth in the balance.






In the last five years, The Wildlands Project has moved forward at an unbelievable pace. Much of the advancement, however, has been through federal and state agencies, NGOs, and international organizations that claim no connection with The Wildlands Project. At the heart of the project, is a land management system that seeks to restore and preserve ecosystems in core reserves of wilderness at the landscape scale — vast areas, 50-100 times larger that the average natural disturbance regime (fire, flood, etc.).1 These vast “core wilderness” areas are to be connected by “corridors” of wilderness which would be off-limits to humans, except for “benign” uses such as selective hiking, “ecological research and environmental education.” The core areas and corridors are surrounded by “buffer zones” in which human activity is severely limited and managed for conservation objectives. The buffer zone is surrounded by an outer buffer zone, or “zone of cooperation,” which serves as a transitional zone for the expansion of the buffer and core zones. Continue reading

USDA closing roads to public lands while opening doors for the United Nations (Agenda 21)


Posted from http://www.libertynewsonline.com/article_301_30857.php#


07-28-2011 3:18 pm – Debbie Coffey – PPJ Gazette


Where? COLORADO – (3/27/11, Denverpost.com) “Montezuma County Sheriff Dennis Spruell is waiting for his conscience to tell him: Should he start handing out tickets this week to U.S. Forest Service agents who are closing backcountry roads? Should he cut locks on gates that shut off access to public lands?


The fact that a county sheriff is considering such actions against the federal government is a good indication that more than a run-of-the-mill dustup over road and trail closures on public lands is erupting in the far southwest corner of the state…


In recent weeks, protesters have marched on the local Forest Service and BLM office located between Cortez and Dolores, calling Forest Service officials ‘government pukes.’”


OREGON – (3/2/11, by Sara Foster, NewsWithViews.com) “Josephine County, Oregon -When Gil Gilbertson was sworn in as Sheriff of Josephine County, a rural county in southwest Oregon, in 2007, he had 30 years of law enforcement experience behind him, both in the United States and with various military missions overseas. Continue reading

Federal Reserved Water Rights and the Bureau of Land Management:

Federal Reserved Water Rights and the Bureau of Land Management:

Wilderness designations can be considered the most restrictive of the federal land management designation. Reserved water rights are set aside pursuant to the Wilderness Act of 1964 (16 USC section 1131). Development within wilderness areas is restricted, and these restrictions extend to the development of water supplies. The Wilderness Act reserves the amount of water within the wilderness area necessary to preserve and protect the specific values responsible for designation of the area, and to provide for public enjoyment of these values. Only the minimum amount of water necessary to fulfill the primary purpose of the reservation may be asserted as a reserved right. Continue reading

WILDLANDS PROJECT: Incredible, Outrageous and a Very Real Danger

from Montanans for Multiple Use


Most Americans are completely unaware of the true nature of the threat from radical environmentalists. Although many of our countrymen are in a deep coma while others are pre-occupied with satisfying their appetites, we cling to the hope that there are enough good-intentioned but misinformed Americans who would join us in rescuing our way of life if they knew the truth.  If you have any doubt that  the green Fascists are undemocratic, elitist, socialist anti-Americans who despise humanity while worshipping “Mother Earth”, the rocks, the shrubs, the rodents and the grubs, we invite you to learn the truth from their own mouths, publications and websites.  

The mission statement of the Wildlands Project states that “…we live for the day when Grizzlies in Chihuahua have an unbroken connection to Grizzlies in Alaska; when Gray Wolf populations are continuous from New Mexico to Greenland; when vast unbroken forests and flowing plains again thrive and support pre-Columbian populations of plants and animals;…” This sounds warm and fuzzy but what would it mean for the humans in the area?

Davis says about the Wildlands Project publication, “Wild Earth exists in part to remind conservationists that in the long run all lands and waters should be left to the whims of Nature.” Davis says that serious conservationists cannot accept development for human needs which he calls “sacrifice zones”. Davis prophesies the complete and final demise of human civilization when he states that, “the premise that we ought to save the full range of biodiversity leads logically to the conclusion that humanizing of landscapes must stop now and be reversed.” By “full range” Davis means the natural bios as it existed in Pre-Columbian America. This is the premise that most environmental groups are committed to. Continue reading

Technical Review of The Wildlands Project – 2002




by Tom McDonnell from No Darby Refuge
written in April 2002

This review details much of the structure and objectives of the Wildlands Project. During the past several years, resource industries, state and local governments and communities nationwide have been buried under an avalanche of: new species listings; appeals and litigation to stop water development, logging, mining, grazing and recreational activities. There have been vast amounts of legislation proposing new wilderness areas, heritage areas, scenic rivers, biological corridors, state and national parks or wildlife refuges, as well as management plans involving critical habitat, watersheds or ecosystems. While many of these actions seem to be isolated incidence, a review of Wildlands Project documents suggests that the actions are often well coordinated activities aimed according to the Project’s text at establishing a “regional reserve system which will ultimately tie the North American continent into a single Biodiversity Reserve.” Continue reading

How much does the US pay for the UN each year?
They pay 22% of 4.19 billion dollars. You do the math.
from answers.com

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