Global Warming

Climate Models Performing Poorly Compared to Actual Temperatures

by James M. Taylor, J.D.
Heartland Institute

Posted 4/21/2013

Climate models supporting predictions of rapid global warming during the next century have performed miserably predicting global temperatures during the past two decades, according to a just-published comparison of model predictions and real-world temperatures. A spaghetti graph comparing 44 climate models with real-world temperature measurements shows every one of the 44 models expected more warming during the past two decades than actually occurred. READ MORE>>>



Climate in Review, by C. Jeffery Small
International Conferences on Climate Change, The Heartland Institute
Center on Climate and Environmental Policy, The Heartland Institute
Climate Policy, The Heritage Foundation
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Global Warming and Forest Fires

Wild Olympic Campaign increases the chance of catastroph​ic fire on the Peninsula

Editorial by Shelly Taylor

Posted 3/6/2013

Olympic Peninsula, WA State – A brief seen in our local paper recently:

“Grants Pass, Oregon: Big changes are in store for U.S. forests as global warming increases wildfires and insect infestations, and generates more floods and droughts, the US Dept of Agriculture warned Tuesday. In a new report, it said the area burned by wildfires is expected to at least double over the next 25 years.”

I remember being told that wildfires are increasing because the forests aren’t being managed properly, i.e. logging to remove forest debris.

Here is the reply I received:

“Each forest region has different problems with forest health issues. The Pacific NW was dramatically impacted by the NW Forest Plan (NWFP) when Clinton decided to lock up (preserve) about twenty four and a half million acres of US Forest Service FS) timberlands in Washington, Oregon and Northern California. Most of the Federal Forests contained in the NWFP are prone to Mother Nature’s wind, fire and disease regime. Regulations have crippled the Forest Service management of our federal forests and the same regs have opened the door to endless lawsuits when the FS attempts to do anything. READ MORE>>> Continue reading

How much does the US pay for the UN each year?
They pay 22% of 4.19 billion dollars. You do the math.

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