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Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals 101


When you first heard about Obama’s plan to fundamentally transform America, you probably wondered “into what?” Well, the answer, as many speculated, is a Social State. Socialism. And anyone that said that was mocked and ridiculed by the people who were planning to implement it. (See Rule #5 below.)

In less than 5 minutes you will know the Progressive’s plan and their tactics. Please take the time, read this and refer to it often. And tell others. Continue reading

Defeating the Delphi Technique

Rosa Koire introduces how Agenda 21 is being introduced in all communities in the U.S. to standardize all systems, creating artificial scarcities, and how the delphi technique is used to achieve these goals, as well as ways for citizens to… Continue reading

Sustainable Freedom Lab issues Resolution to Protect Property Rights

Check out the website for Sustainable Freedom Lab. Not only are they bringing news about how Sustainable Development – Agenda 21 – is being foisted upon our local communities, but they also offer methods of stopping it at the local… Continue reading

How much land does the government own in the US?

The Federal Government owns nearly 650 million acres of land – almost 30 percent of the land area of the United States. Federally-owned and managed public lands include National Parks, National Forests, and National Wildlife Refuges. These are lands that… Continue reading

Kick ICLEI Out – Spokane Report & Documents

A group from Spokane, Washington called the Spokane Patriots will issue a demand that the city council withdraw from “Sustainability” policy and terminate the city’s contract with the international Non-Governmental Organization called ICLEI (the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives). ICLEI works in over 600 U.S. communities and 1,000 communities worldwide. The Spokane group presents a city charter amendment along with an ordinance asserting the unconstitutional alliance between the City and ICLEI.

Media Release

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How much does the US pay for the UN each year?
They pay 22% of 4.19 billion dollars. You do the math.

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