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Posted 3/13/2015

An open house to be held on March 19, 2015, will be given by the agencies who plan on moving back the levees (dikes) along the Dungeness River.  (See proposed map below)

See the Notice here: levee setback mtg., 3.19.2015

In 1997, the Dungeness River Management Team (DRMT) promoted the “restoration” ideas as set out in the “Recommended Restoration Projects for the Dungeness River” or so-called “Blue Book” developed by the Dungeness River Restoration Work Group.

From the DMRT’s website:

In 1997, a sub-committee of the DRMT, known as the Dungeness River Restoration Work Group, prepared a habitat restoration plan, Recommend Restoration Projects for the Dungeness River (“the Blue Book”) which laid a course for addressing habitat problems in the river on a reach-by-reach basis, and which highlighted “Seven Pillars for River Restoration”.  The DRMT unanimously endorsed the plan on June 16, 1998.  The Restoration Work Group produced a related land protection strategy, Recommended Land Protection Strategies for the Dungeness River Riparian Area (“the Green Book”), in 2003.

Read more about what the DRMT says about itself here:

Click here for a downloadable pdf version of the Blue Book:

6-Recommended Restoration Projects for the Dungeness River

Here is the proposed setback for the levee along the Dungeness River.  The red is where it currently exists; the yellow is where they want it to be.  Notice that Towne Road would be wiped out, along with much property, and the river would flood that whole area instead of being restrained to the immediate area of the river as it exists now.

levy setback

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