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Blueprint for Program Planning
North Western Research Institute


Problem – There is an increase of different forms of governance emerging in the United States other than a constitutional republic, (i.e., governing by consensus; public/private partnerships via the implementation of Sustainable Development through various programs as set forth under UN Agenda 21) which adversely affects individual liberties as established by the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. These new tools of governance are moving us further into a socialist system we previously recognized as a danger to our freedom and something to be defended against. These changes centralize control over our lives, even though many here still value liberty and control over our own lives.


Goal – To educate the general public about the changing form of governance and how it presently or will affect their health and welfare.


Assumption – With education, individuals will become more actively involved in how they are and will be governed.


Objectives – To reach approximately 10 percent of the population, along with elected officials over the next year.


Methods – The Institute will publish an Internet edition of the Citizen Review, publish informational brochures about individual issues, hold public forums, create a speakers’ bureau, and publish “white papers” in order to accomplish the goal, develop a tape and book library, and serve as a network for grassroots organizations, where requested.


If we all work together for a common cause,
we can accomplish our goals!!!
About the Institute:

North Western Research Institute is a nonprofit corporation, created for the primary purpose of researching and disseminating information about the changes in our form of governance. We have been witnessing increasing numbers of alternate forms of governance that utilize the consensus process and public/private partnerships via the implementation of Sustainable Development through various programs as set forth under UN Agenda 21 and others, to the exclusion of our representative form of government.


It is our goal to “shine the light” on the process, and share insights offered by various individuals about methods which can be used to peacefully turn the emphasis back to a representative form of government.


If you see the need to get this information out to as many individuals as possible, then we ask you to support our effort, not only financially, but by active involvement.


Please make a donation here if you believe the work we are doing warrants support.  Thank you!


or mail check to:

North Western Research Institute

P. O. Box 3157

 Sequim, WA 98382

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For More Information…

Our outreach arm, The Citizen Review Online, has been researching and reporting on Agenda 21, the Wildlands Project, and other issues affecting our form of government and way of life for 20 years.


For more research information, and to stay on top of stories affecting you and your way of life in the U.S., check out the current stories there - or type your topic into the search engine on the left sidebar of the page.